All the “Life’s Good” innovations – a look back at the world records set by LG Mobile

As LG said its goodbye to the mobile phone industry, we take a look back at all the records set by this legendary South Korean brand.

LG officially closed their smartphone division last week after being in the business for nearly two decades. 

While it didn’t create much fuss among present generation youngsters in a world dominated by iPhone, Samsung, and Chinese OEMs, to the ” boomer ” techies, the news was definitely a significant one. However, it was not a shocker by any means. 

Despite accounting for nearly 4% of it’s home nation South Korea’s total economy, and being one of the two elite brands of the nation alongside Samsung, LG’s mobile division was having losses after losses for 23 consecutive quarters. 

However, over the years, LG mobile has pioneered in a lot of things, even setting a Guinness World Record once.

So let’s now take a quick look at all the records LG broke to make its mobile phones better people’s lives: 

World Records set by LG Mobile : 

LG KE850 Prada (2006/07) – World’s first phone with a capacitive touch screen. 

LG KU990 Viewty (2007) – World’s first phone capable of recording slow motion videos at 120fps*

LG Renoir (2008) – World’s first 8 megapixel camera phone that came with a full touchscreen.

LG BL40 New Chocolate (2009) – World’s first phone to sport an ultra-wide screen having an aspect ratio of 21:9. 

LG Optimus 2X ( 2010/11) – World’s first phone with a dual-core processor – holding the Guinness World Record for the achievement. 

Also, world’s first phone to be able to record videos at 1080p aka Full HD.

Quite a phone! 

LG Nexus 4 (2012) – World’s first Android phone to support Qi wireless charging.

LG G Flex (2013) – World’s first flexible phone. 

LG G3 (2014) – World’s first phone to have laser autofocus on its camera.

This was also one of the world’s first phones to feature a Quad HD Display, alongside Vivo Xplay 3S and Oppo Find 7.

LG V20 (2016) – World’s first phone to sport 32-bit Hi-Fi Quad DAC.

So as we can see, LG, over the years, had introduced many firsts to the world. And we are not even taking into consideration the other significant features LG always had in its earlier flagship phones.

However, despite all this stuff, LG could never deliver a true all-rounder phone. And even though some of its phones were well endowed with hardware horsepower, they seriously lacked on the software front.

Maybe falling behind on software capabilities led to LG mobile’s downfall. Maybe not. I’ll leave it to you to judge. But for now, let’s just leave the criticisms behind and bid a respectful goodbye to LG mobile for trying to make our lives good with it’s innovations.

Wordsmith: Subhani Alfi


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