Larouchelle Leveuvre (Lara)

Larouchelle Leveuvre (Lara)
Larouchelle Leveuvre (Lara) comes from a harsh background and found solace in the books she read. When her life seemed darkest she always drew strength from literary heroes such as Hermione Granger, Jo March, Kvothe E’lir and, personified super hero, her mom. Lara has never let her life be determined by her circumstances and graduated Valedictorian of her grade in 2014. sSnce then she has taken the world by storm trying to find her voice and inspire other young, struggling individuals to become their best selves. Lara has a strong supportive network of friends and family members who she “would never have come this far without” and hopes to make them all proud.

To Rule a Kingdom – Ch. 4

Elena had thirty minutes before she had to be at the tea. Thirty minutes of sanity before she had the transform into Regal Princess of North Althezaar. That sanity was broken when she heard a metallic crashing sound outside her door.

To Rule a Kingdom – Ch. 3

Art by Celeste Jamneck Chapter 3 Teas of War “Tea parties are war zones, Elena.” Remi stated as he folded five-year-old Elena’s hands onto her lap, left...

To Rule a Kingdom – Ch. 2

Art by Celeste Jamneck Chapter 2Tradition be Damned Elena rolled over to her left...

Going Postal by Terry Pratchett

Let me just say that this has been my favorite Terry Pratchett book so far. Going Postal has been incredibly entertaining beyond...

To Rule a Kingdom – Ch. 1

A Terrifying Beginners Guide for The Not So Average Princess.  Art by Celeste Jamneck    Chapter 1 A Wolf in Disguise    As a little girl, Elena was shy and...


Labib Al Barr
Mashiar Ahsan
Subhani Alfi
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