Going Postal by Terry Pratchett

Let me just say that this has been my favorite Terry Pratchett book so far. Going Postal has been incredibly entertaining beyond the usual wit and intellectual humor. 

Meet Albert Spangler. A victim of his own making.  Sentenced to death by Lord Vetenari himself, Moist has only one regret, getting caught. As the dawn of his hanging comes to an end Albert Spangler feels at peace as he falls with the noose cutting his air and his life. 

The end. 

Wait… Why was he sitting in Lord Vetenari’s office and why was he alive? Hadn’t he died? And why is Lord Vetenari asking; ‘Mr. Moist Von Lipwig, do you believed in angels?’ 

Meet Moist Von Lipwig. Now on the path to self reformation and on the path as Post Master of the Ankh-Morkpork Post office. Sure he was forced into it and sure he tried to run away and sure a Golem named Mr. Pump chased him down and promptly plomped him into the post office that was out of commission, filled to the roof with gnu and possible haunted by letters,  but those were only a few hiccups. 

He has after all, the help of Miss Adora Bella Dearheart, Stanley,  Mr Pump and his Golem Friends and Mr. Groat; along with his devout post office enthusiasts, who wish to volunteer to get the post office back on track. What he can’t figure out is why there had been so many tragic accidents here and how the Grand Trunk is involved? Why are the letters speaking to him, and why is it that the Grand Trunk is having breakdowns and communication delays? Why do they want to squash the postal system? Weren’t they the latest and greatest new thing in communication technology today? 

With a little bit of godly help, a fancy flying suit and… Stanley,  things are sure to work themselves out. 

My favorite character was Moist and it’s rare that I love the main character. I loved seeing his brain work. Of course I only really saw the whole picture at the end and I must say I think Lord Vetenari is one of Terry’s most ingenious characters

Wordsmith: Larouchelle Leveuvre

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Larouchelle Leveuvre (Lara)
Larouchelle Leveuvre (Lara) comes from a harsh background and found solace in the books she read. When her life seemed darkest she always drew strength from literary heroes such as Hermione Granger, Jo March, Kvothe E’lir and, personified super hero, her mom. Lara has never let her life be determined by her circumstances and graduated Valedictorian of her grade in 2014. sSnce then she has taken the world by storm trying to find her voice and inspire other young, struggling individuals to become their best selves. Lara has a strong supportive network of friends and family members who she “would never have come this far without” and hopes to make them all proud.


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