I want to smuggle too

THIS IS GETTING HARD! Although I realized it before from my own experience, however earlier today my realization became rock solid when I read a news from India Today stating: “Amid lockdown, Mangaluru teen tries to smuggle friend into an apartment in suitcase”.

*SIGH* I can feel you bro.

It’s been almost a month since I’ve seen all my friends. Every day has been a struggle. Iftekhar went to Noakhali before the whole lockdown, Ramim is locked up in his cubicle, haven’t heard from Fardin in ages, and my nibba Labib is locked up as well. And not just them, all my other beloved friends are in the same situation. The only communication we have is through PUBG, Call of Duty  (don’t judge us please), or just some casual texts via messenger. Nothing beats meeting them in real life. All stuck in homes and have nothing better to do. And being a semi-introvert and semi-extrovert person, also known as an ambivert – trust me, it has been very tough for me. And not to mention, the cancellation of all the exams, and the anxiety caused by waiting for Edexcel to finally give a proper decision regarding the grading system, has been eating me from inside.

My only escape during all this was through going out during the charity work I’ve been doing with GiveDhaka Foundation (check it out), providing poor families with food rations. Apart from that, all I’ve been doing is binge-watching, playing PUBG on repeat, and sleeping most of the time.

However, the main point that I’ve been wanting to write about is that during this period of time, I’ve come to realize something very important that I believe many people will be able to relate to it.

Having friends is really important. It can be anyone that you are close with, your cousin, your neighbor, your relative, or your classmate. Someone whom you can trust, with whom you can be yourself, and not feel looked down upon, or have the fear of being judged by. You need people from outside your family who accept you as who you are, and do not look at you through the eyes of superiority or authority. Spending time with them, having fun, making memories, enjoying, and living the moment stress-free, is crucially important for everyone, especially during this age and time where people suffer a lot from poor mental health.

Make friends and always keep in contact with them. Build relationships that you can cherish. Let not there be a time, when you look back and have nothing to miss. And make sure that all the friends that you love, know that they are loved. Text them or call them and let them know that you miss them.

Wordsmith: Tazoar Ahsan


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