Iphone SE 2020 – Apple’s Flagship Killer!

Smartphone world is pretty boring these days. In a time when we constantly whine about diversity and variety, the most coolest sector on planet earth – the smartphone sector – is devoid of diversity.

Remember the days when we had Cristiano Ronaldo playing for Real Madrid? Okay that’s 2 years ago. Remember the days when Donald Trump was just a billionaire no one cared about? Okay that’s 4 years ago. Remember the days when we had a small flagship phone? Well that’s half a decade ago.

We’re in a crazy time right now. Everything is getting crazier and crazier. In the smartphone world, we are having phones with bigger screens and smaller bezels and the rate is increasing day by day. The prime focus of all the smartphone manufacturers these days, for the last 3 years, is to make smartphones that are almost bezel less and have bigger screens. The word “phablet” has vanished from existence because every smartphone these days is basically a “phablet”. It’s hard to find a high end smartphone that’s less than 6 inch. Actually there isn’t any. Nowadays, you can’t find any phone that packs the best specifications and can be easily put into your pocket.

This is a very wrong path and business strategy the smartphone manufacturers are heading towards. All of them want to be the best in the world but it’s never possible for more than one to be the best. We don’t have any variation and diversity in the high end smartphone world.

But then again,the bakers from Cupertino, California have arrived to save us and give us a drop of diversity. And it had to be them,didn’t it? And in a very ironic way, they have also decided to make the cheapest flagship phone which is significantly cheaper than the 2020 flagship of ONEPLUS – a company that was once known for delivering flagship phones at a killer cheap price.

2020 is a year of wonders and ironies. Just when Liverpool FC (my favorite club BTW) decided to win the Premier League, when Australia got caught in wildfire, and when a pandemic spread all across the planet, and when there is nothing that can be any more surprising, just then you have Apple, the most hated fruit of all the capitalism haters of the world, delivering the cheapest flagship smartphone in years.

Apple IPhone SE 2 is the sequel to the 2016 IPhone SE. A 4.7 inch phone, very much identical to the IPhone 8 of 2017 in terms of design, this phone is a true 2020 flagship. Don’t get fooled by the old design. It packs the same A13 bionic chip which we find in the current Iphones. There were rumors that the camera is the same as 2018 IPhone XR but it’s yet to be seen if that’s true or not. But even if the camera is the same as the IPhone XR, its not a discredit at all because that was an excellent camera on its own.

The notable features of the IPhone SE 2 include :
1. 4.7 inch screen dubbed as Retina HD
2. A single back camera, 12 MP with f/ 1.8″
3. 4k recording upto 60 fps
4. A 7 MP single selfie camera
5. 18W fast charging (0 to 50% in 30 minutes) ; the default charger given with the box supports 5W though.
6. IP67 water and dust resistance (can be submerged in up to 1m of water for up to 30 minutes).

The cost starts at insane 399 USD (64 GB model). A miracle given the fact that its an Iphone!

There are many cons of this phone, but all of them should be neglected. Just because of the fact that this is the only phone which is a flagship and has a screen size of under 5 inch in today’s world. You can put it into your pocket easily and have water pour over it (don’t do it deliberately though) and most importantly, YOU DON’T HAVE TO BREAK YOUR BANK.

Wordsmith: Subhani Alfi


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