Say ‘yes’ to feminism?

Feminism by definition, is a philosophy that stands upon the pillar of belief of equality of woman in her contributions towards society. It is based on social, political and economical equality for women. A revolution that includes both the genders (although mainly women) who wish the world to be equal without boundaries. These boundaries or blockades are better known as discrimination and biases against gender, age, marital status and economic status.

The history of feminism and of feminist theory has many possible origins. However for centuries, the presumption of male superiority led to patterns of prejudice and discrimination against women and many of those patterns persist, according to the feminists.

Feminism gets its strong root of support due to the innuendo that women are inferior to men, derived from the actions of many past societies and some more current. They also imply that women should stay home all day watching soap operas, taking care of the children, and making the food for their tired husbands.

Although the fact that women were treated as inferior cannot be brushed off by us, it is a movement that has strayed from its original philosophy and has diverted more onto the path of “Women are better than men”, as can be noticed if one looks closely into the current day actions of the feminists.

The notion that ‘women can do everything men can’ is strongly enforced by the feminists, due to which a lot of families are being destroyed as its female members are being encouraged to go challenge their partners (husbands) in everything that they do. As a result, marriage these days have become more of a competition between the husband and wife, instead of its purpose of being a bond of mutual co-operation, understanding and respect of each other’s opinions, views and contributions.

Also, we can never ignore the fact that women are different to men physically, psychologically, and in nature. Therefore, trying to promote the idea of women are equal to men is erroneous.

In conclusion, there are things that men can do which women can’t and vice versa. Also there are things that women can do better than men and vice versa. Therefore, the stressing of the ideology that women are better than men or equal to them, must be avoided, for that is too extreme. Instead, a healthier and more balanced ideology must be implemented that women and men must be dealt with equal justice, according to their abilities and contributions towards society in their different ways.

Wordsmith: Mashiar Ahsan


  1. Feminism was coined by French philosopher Charles Fourier in 1837, who advocated for the emancipation of women.
    The point of feminism is not to say that women are better than men, or that women and men are equal in terms of biological abilities. Undoubtedly the anatomy of women and men are different so reproduction is possible.
    Feminism is focusing on “fixing” men’s issues as well, such as the assumption that women are better caretakers and therefore men are at greater risk of losing custody to their children for the same factors. Women escaping prosecution on legitimate domestic violence charges and men being ridiculed for being raped/abused is also an issue of feminism. Also, when men traditionally cry, they are told to “be a man” and they are told to not show emotion and therefore have higher rates of suicide and attempts.
    It is called feminism because it is the feminist qualities, seen either in men or women, that are ridiculed in large by society globally.


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