Sometimes love doesn’t have to be a grand gesture. Maybe you don’t need to have pages upon pages written for you.
Sometimes love comes to you in small waves. 
When the car loses control on the road a little and your sister uses her arm to protect you from hitting your head. When you stay up all night with your friend to keep their mind off the fact that their dad just died. When your friend offers to drop you home at 11 pm despite you saying it was okay. When you send someone the answers to the assignment without being asked. When your mother asks if you’ll come home okay. When your father lets you know during a rainstorm that he’s on his way. When you stay back for them. When you eat the inedible cookies your cousin made without complaint. When you get that message asking you to sleep because you’ve had a long day. When you stay up so you could wish them a happy birthday in time. When you heart react all their pictures. When you comment on all of their posts. When you don’t want the conversation to die out. When your heart panics because they’ve missed 6 of your phone calls in the past half hour. When you sigh in relief when they tell you they were asleep. When a movie reminds you of them. When you can’t imagine how you lived your life without them. When you care so much it hurts.
Some of the greatest loves on this earth are subtle.

Wordsmith: Bismah Akhtar (@bismahtriestowrite).



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