Supernova Love

Pardon this meekness
Darling, forgive me please,
I’ve glanced at you once
Feel my soul has been kissed.

My love for you is musical
And magical too,
I sway with its tune
So enchanted by you.

It stretches through the horizon
Where my vision blurs,
Falls off the edge of earth
Then is embraced by the stars.

It travels through the milky way
Like a blazing comet,
Passes by a black hole
Takes gravity from it.

It pulls towards it
Light of stars near,
Perpetually growing
This love is sincere.

Brighter than a super nova
Kindles all of space,
To outshine its radiance
Would be to lose the race.

But alas for me
Oh what cruel fate,
You won’t know of my love
Until its too late.

For it takes ages
For a star’s light to come,
By then Oh beloved
I will be dead and gone.

This love has got me anxious
To express it I’m shy,
So I made it into a star
For you to see it in the sky.

Wordsmith: Mashiar Ahsan
Painting: Jay Lee



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