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Unwanted Call

"The food must have been nasty", he thought with disdain. His friend, Rajib's wedding ceremony has been a disaster from the very start and...

The Real Value of Time

“Every soul shall taste death.” Throughout my life, this line has buzzed through my skull like a faulty alarm clock that goes off irregularly, with no option to control how long the blare is to continue.

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British Council’s Harsh Treatment of Students: A Call for Action

This incident on Jan 09, 2023, is not only an isolated one but is part of a larger pattern of students being mistreated by the British Council over the years.

Alfi’s Delights of the Decade : 5 Favourite Phones from Last Decade 

This October 20th will mark 10 years of me being in social media, alongside my 24th birthday. To mark the occasion, I've...

The Blue Moon and My Story 

My hatred of the City, My appreciation for the City, and The Epilogue. A story that started with envy and hatred but later turned out to be pure appreciation.

Why don’t you grow a bit taller?

For most of my life, I've been short. A short kid, a short boy, and finally a short guy. Twenty years in,...