The Unselfish Devotion of One Person to Other People

Why do human beings exist? What are we here for? The simple answer is to enjoy our life and pay gratitude to God for creating us as His best creation. God has given us six senses; eyes to visualize, ears to hear, nose to smell, lips, and intuition. Not everyone has the sixth sense, but those who have, they have the ability to foresee the mercurial future ahead. What else do we need? We have everything to make ourselves contented, but still, we are never satisfied. We are filled with endless desires. As time passes by, we are becoming more materialistic. Nevertheless, we always look down upon those people who are handicapped; ignore those who are either physically or mentally disturbed. We just forget about them and fight to fulfill our own demands. And what about those, who do not even have the affordability to buy rice and pulses to eat or a roof on top of their head? Or those who are stuck in situations we cannot even imagine?

Since we are not underprivileged, we do not know how it feels to be privileged. So let’s start something new today. We try to compete against everybody, every day. Even I do that! For instance, every time I go for a walk in the lake, I compete with the stranger walking beside me and I simply want to overtake him and I do that. Isn’t it ironic? We also compete with people we do not even know. And what do we get in return? Absolutely nothing. Lol. So going back to starting something new, let’s have a competition of lending a hand to others, to all those people who are screaming for help in silence. Let us all have a touch of altruism. There is saying of the writer Rumi,
“Not one person can help everyone, but everyone can help that one person”. Let’s commence our new job known as ‘help’. Let’s try to help each other a bit every day. We never know if someone is in trouble. But we can surely find out by sharing our feelings. It’s human nature to feign and keep their real self at the back of their minds. Every human is more or less an eccedentesiast. A girl with the prettiest smile can also be the one who is in a deadly state but doesn’t reveal herself to the world.

Day and night reflect life and death. During the day, we do all of our work and at the end of the day, we simply go to sleep leaving everything behind; exactly like life and death. The only difference is that we sleep with our clothes on and we die only with a piece of shroud wrapped around our bodies. When we die, we do not take anything with us except for the love, blessings and the selfless devotion of other people which we had given to them in our lifetime. The more we will help others, the more we will be devoted to other people. Without expecting anything in return, we will be reciprocated most of the blessings, more selfless love, and more tears filled with love, after our death. God has given us life to see the beautiful creations in the world, to know about human nature, and how life works. Let’s make human nature as beautiful as the world by providing a new job called ” HELP”.

H.E.L.P ~ Have everlasting love for people.

We find great joy in helping in a small amount. Let’s start from today onwards!

Wordsmith: Shumayla Elsa Haque



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