To Rule a Kingdom – Ch. 1

A Terrifying Beginners Guide for The Not So Average Princess. 
Art by Celeste Jamneck 
Chapter 1
A Wolf in Disguise 
As a little girl, Elena was shy and preferred the company of her books in her library. All social gatherings brought her anxiety and making friends was an impossibility; none of the shallow, airy girls had the level of thinking she had. They only concerned themselves with which boy they fancied and which dress made them look more attractive. She concerned herself with the great adventures written by her literary heroes, the only romance she needed was written and for her, that was enough. As Elena grew she stayed much the same, shy, timid, and easily irritated with the ladies at court. She wished for nothing more than to stay inside her library for the rest of her life. Unfortunately, that was never going to happen. With her 17th birthday, she was to choose a suitor that would someday rule the kingdom with her. She was not looking forward to the event at all. She didn’t have her mother to guide her in all the mannerisms of being a lady, but she had her father. King Raynar was the best ruler The Kingdom of North Althezaar ever had. He won battles that were impossible, made alliances with funding kingdoms that eventually turned into life long friendships. Elena was never going to be her father. Her rule would only be written down in history because it was mandatory. She would not make any significant change in North Althezaar but she had the ability to ensure peace throughout her reign. 
Her chamber maids set out a dress for her, Periwinkle, to bring out the freckles that covered her body, they were more prominent on her shoulders and back, and so the dress was low cut with off shoulder straps. Her copper hair was pinned up in a complicated combination of braids, curls, and floral pins, and her fine face was free of makeup to save her lips and eyes. Expensive powder was lightly applied to her eyes, it too was a light shade of blue that brought attention to her olive-green eyes and her fine lips seemed fuller with a pink lip paint. Finally, she slipped on the silver slipper heels that gave her the height needed to ensure the gown wouldn’t be dragged on the ground. When she finally saw herself in the mirror her whole mindset of who she was changed in an instant, she didn’t look like the shy timid girl sulking in the corner and hiding in her library. She looked like the Future Queen; strong, intelligent, and beautiful. A thought came to her faster than a racing horse,  in order to be a Queen one needed to act like a Queen. What people see isn’t usually the truth. She thought of King Versai – First true King of North Althezaar – he was a hero to all, strong and brave and intelligent, but he had a wicked heart and abused his son. No one knew until his great, great-grandson revealed the truth to his wife. So if someone that evil could fool the kingdom for that long. She could do the same to ensure the trust of her people. 
She would not be softly spoken tonight, she would not go unnoticed anymore, she would be a Queen.
When the Ballroom door opened and Elena was announced the whole court turned to look at her. Silencing the voice in her mind begging her to run away, she flowed into the ballroom, she demanded respect and admiration. She greeted her court with a slight bow of her head and moved toward the throne where her father stood; regal, proud and stunned.
“Elena, you are simply radiant!” King Raynar exclaimed, as he kissed her hand. 
“Father I must thank you for the beautiful dress, you were right it really does feel more comfortable than those dresses from Selanthria.” She curtsied, accepting her father’s hand as he lead her through the ballroom. 
The Ballroom had a destination theme; flowers in bloom. White and pink peonies were the centre of all the tables, she knew these flowers because they were her favorite, but the others she couldn’t really make out. There were small green saplings hanging from chandeliers while blue and purple open-faced flowers held banners in place. She realised that no one besides her wore periwinkle and that her suitors all worse light colors to match her dress. Her stomach was in a tight knot in the center and she wanted more than anything to slip away, grab a handful of the chocolate covered berries and escape into her library. But that was not an option. She accepted a campaign flute with pink sparkly liquid and sipped at it, it was sweet and had raspberries at the bottom. She clung to the drink, it gave her the courage she needed for; her father introducing a new suitor “Oh Elena this is James.”; every suitor asking “Elena may I have this dance” and even worse Mind’s gossip “Elena have you heard that Caroline had a heated argument with her jeweler about golds this season?”
As the evening progressed she reminded herself of her small victories. She danced with all her potential suitors and gossiped and laughed with the ladies of her court, she drank wine and enjoyed the company of the lords that came to wish her a happy birthday. She felt like a new person, she knew that this was the person she had to become to lead her people. Being Queen was such a distant thought in her mind that she never understood the role she would have to take up, but now with it staring at her, she accepted it with reluctant yet open arms.
Later that night Elena melted onto her bed and let out a breath that she felt she was holding the whole night. She asked her chambermaids and guards to vacate the room so that she could be alone with her thoughts. She undressed, carefully laying her gown over the stool and tediously taking out the floral pins. Why the ladies had to wear so many hair ornaments were beyond her reasoning. She was tired beyond any measure; feeling as if she had been carrying something heavy the whole night. 
As much as she wanted to ignore the nagging voice telling her “You can’t keep this up forever” she had to address it. She rolled over onto her side and saw her mini stack of books that she was busy reading; she could never just read one book at a time there were times she simply tired of her current characters and had to knock on the door of her escape characters for a day or two. She placed her hand on the comforting feeling of the hard embroidered cover of “Wolves in disguise” and she yearned to be in her library. Slipping on her bed flats and nightgown she swooped up her mini stack and her favorite blanket and snuck out of her room. 
The hall was newly lit with torches, the smell of fresh gasoline still in the air. She passed an alarmed guard who – upon recognising her – made a polite bow, they were accustomed to Elena spending the night in the Library, she knew that the guard was already informing the night watch of her move. 
The library was freezing, and deafeningly silent. She placed her books and blanket on her beloved reading chair; a long deep green sofa with soft cushions and a good support for her back. Making her way to the fireplace she already felt herself shedding the skin of the ‘Pretend Elena.’ As she placed logs in the fireplace she felt a panic bubble forming in her stomach. Lighting the logs burst the bubble and it formed into full-on hysteria. She sat frozen as her mind raced. What was she doing? Why did she think she could keep up this persona? What would becoming Queen really mean? Why did she have to change at all? She did have to change, but did she have to change all of her personality? Why do all the girls speak of nothing other than men and gossip? Did she have to give up her library? That though froze her from her core to her hands. Before she could ask herself any more questions she heard the library door open and turned to see the only person who could calm her down. “Father.” she whimpered.
King Raynar gave a tired smile, moved toward her and covered her with her blanket and a hug. He felt his daughter melt into him and knew that; regardless of her newfound persona she was still the shy, scared little girl who wanted to fade into her library. They stayed in the embrace for as long as it took for her tears to run dry. 


Welcome to my segment. I am writing a Fantasy Novel and hope that you enjoy the journey with me and Elena. I hope her story gives you strength and courage and above all an amazing story that never leaves you.
This story is dedicated to My mother, for all her love,  support and amazing food during the rough days.
My Dad and Mum, who have always been there for me and always pushed me to be my best.
My brothers and sisters Cameron, Cole, Megan, Jason, Aimee and Craig. You are all such blessings in my life.
My best friends Celeste (who drew this amazing picture) Amy, Tia, Chessie, Willem, Kits and Nic.  Without you my life would not be complete.
And to you the reader for deciding you wanted to read Elena’s story.
Wordsmith: Larouchelle Leveuvre
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Larouchelle Leveuvre (Lara)
Larouchelle Leveuvre (Lara) comes from a harsh background and found solace in the books she read. When her life seemed darkest she always drew strength from literary heroes such as Hermione Granger, Jo March, Kvothe E’lir and, personified super hero, her mom. Lara has never let her life be determined by her circumstances and graduated Valedictorian of her grade in 2014. sSnce then she has taken the world by storm trying to find her voice and inspire other young, struggling individuals to become their best selves. Lara has a strong supportive network of friends and family members who she “would never have come this far without” and hopes to make them all proud.


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