You and I

Under the starry sky, it’s you and I, dancing on our tip-toes, indulging in a kiss, so soft on the lips, and the smiling in between. 

In the corner of the cafe, it’s you and I, stealing each other’s fries and sharing the shakes, your hand touches mine, and both our faces break into goofy grins with our mouth full of food. 

Huddled on the sofa, with the movie playing, it’s you and I, mischievously smiling when we catch each other stealing glances, each time a little more captivated. 

Snuggled on the roof, it’s you and I, hand in hand, watching the sunrise in the horizon, our eyes twinkling, beaming.

Sitting across on the grass under rosy hues of sunset, and the subtle melody of your guitar, it’s you and I, smiling at each other with our entirety. 

It’s you and I, always smiling, in the middle of all the chaos and serenity, together and happy. 

Wordsmith: Labiba Raida


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